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Reading comments for Sokoban DBOS

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Author:ZXnaTpdWxLhsnHPosted:05:12:18 (07.05.12)
Hi Conrad, If you are playing Battle Squadron ONE in the offcie, then maybe a bit risky to use your full name on a public site but we will remain quiet The tilt based control is very much implemented to match the Amiga controls. But maybe it is better if we upgrade it like you an Jin suggest. I will put it on the list for a future revisions. Thanks for your feedback P.S. If you did not already do so, it would be very much appreciated if you rate BS ONE on the App Store Thanks.

Author:crysstaafur (20)Posted:23:51:40 (07.10.10)
I feel this game really shows what DBOS can do quite nicely. Really good use of alpha channels without going overkill. I really liked how he wrapped an interesting story around what would otherwise be yet another block puzzle, and yet made it seem like something that was released for the SNES.. What can I say, this game is really, really challenging. I have played it for nearly two years off and on and still haven't finished it yet. :)

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:10:36:30 (01.27.08)
Hmm...didn't you give the game 17 in our staff rating? :P And yes, EXCELLENT game. Hope to see more games of this level in our community.

Author:cha0s (16)Posted:05:27:07 (01.27.08)
Great game :)

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