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Author:SGJZfgRfkvPosted:12:20:40 (04.03.12)
Greetings to our Irish friends:)I live in Baile c1tha Cliath, and I was many Paddy day here. I am so happy to see that this big ciaebrlteon, went to my country as well. All I just want to say, hope you all enjoy your stay as I do here.God Bless you all!Sle1n go foill!

Author:nkk (15)Posted:07:21:40 (12.31.07)
The Game concept was unique and excellent! The game is really addictive. Better Map editor would be welcome =]. Graphics could do with some polishing but as it was for ciw73 compo in which one had to use the given sprites,it's ok. A background music wouldn't be bad either. What i mean is this game is already excellent but if it undergoes some polishing it can be a superb game. Overall a Must-Have game.

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