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Author:CpsLeKEObDjkpY (11)Posted:10:53:42 (09.19.12)
in search just type in full name or in the fridnes button (next to the word facebook looks like 2 people) click on that then find friend which is to the right up the top but this way is more friend of fridnes

Author:E.K.Virtanen (11)Posted:11:17:06 (10.07.07)
I didnt compile this since i dont have fmod installed on my ubuntu. I played it through wine with out a sounds. Game was very addictive. At start it was pure "just shoot all the time" but with some plans, you can dom nice combo's with the line. Good game, nice gfx. 11/20

Author:MystikShadows (12)Posted:17:44:37 (09.09.07)
I think this games shows what a bare bone FBGFX game can do :-). I though graphics were pretty good and I did enjoy the music too. Well done

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