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Author:E.K.Virtanen (8)Posted:11:00:13 (10.07.07)
I do remember this one, back at days when i had MSX. I loved it's simplicity back then, and i did have pretty fun with this like 15 minutes. It is not magnificent or great game, but it offers fun for q while for small kids or grown up mans who thinks and feels like kids...just like me :)

Author:redcrab (11)Posted:08:40:34 (09.03.07)
Fun to play... I didn't known the original version but this game is quite well done . I'm not fan of ASCII game but it worth to spend some time to play with it.

Author:Joe King (10)Posted:11:30:29 (08.16.07)
It's a good solid port of the classic version, but it is lacking in game play. You can blame MSX for that.

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