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Author:E.K.Virtanen (12)Posted:11:07:46 (10.07.07)
Im happy to see these games still does pop up time to time. Loved, liked and played a lots of. It's ASCII game but so what? The fun factor is most important one. 12/20

Author:Ryan (13)Posted:20:08:41 (09.29.07)
Lots of fun... a great challenge. I finished it the first time and had no clue I was missing some secrets. I thought I had tried pushing every bleedin' item in the game. :) Anyways, a little problem solving is all it will take to win this, but it's a lot of fun. I've got a soft spot in my heart for ASCII games (since I suck at graphics!), so I actually enjoyed the game's presentation. Give it a shot!

Author:redcrab (14)Posted:08:35:58 (09.03.07)
I'm not really an ASCII fan, but this one I play until the end, you forgot that is an ASCII game, that's awesome.. . Great design and gameplay.. A must to try.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:10:03:47 (08.15.07) gave it a 9. Did you want to do that? Anyway, I gave the game 12 (60%) in our staff rating. If curious. Seems to be perfect score to me.

Author:Dr_D (9)Posted:18:43:11 (08.14.07)
I liked this game a lot. Even though the ASC gfx are pretty good, I think it would be a lot better with non- ASC gfx, so I gave it an 7.

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