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Reading comments for Petals Around the Rose

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Author:TigerPosted:17:30:31 (07.13.08)
This is a wonderful puzzle. I advise to read the description above carefully as it gives a hint which is fair and necessary. The fun comes from the frustration that slowly builds up and then suddenly turns into enlightenment. I definitely love the little ASCII- rose.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:09:56:07 (08.15.07)
Well, I don't think I was that off with my description. Anyway, it's now updated.

Author:DeleterPosted:22:18:55 (08.14.07)
Er, perhaps you should do some more research. This is a fairly known game, and one that isn't all that tricky. It's more of an analyzation of how different people think.

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