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Author:CwkvqOSiNMpbPosted:06:31:21 (07.06.12)
In your first example (the itaeitrve one), the code would run a little faster through each trip in the loop if you simplified the comparison. Instead of <=, try using !=. The former requires more machine instructions to calculate than the latter.For !=, we see if it's equal and if not, we make another trip through the loop. Since your for loop is set up with i=0, then you don't have to worry about whether i is greater-than or less-than input, you can just care if it's equal.

Author:E.K.Virtanen (12)Posted:05:15:07 (08.15.07)
This game needs a bit more colors. Now its ok, but too dark in my opinion. Other than that, good game, works good. I rate 12.

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