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Author:IvanPosted:01:57:10 (12.09.17)
Hello dude! A question: First: Is opensource the game? If yes: Can you pass the source code? And finally: How Can I compile this game to gnu/linux ? Which libraries I must use or something, Thanks

Author:BeBeLiOuSPosted:09:48:24 (09.28.07)
MINE UPDATED ! -Remaining mines -Colored numbers -Show bad flags on GAMEOVER -Size Option -%Mine Option Enjoy :)

Author:redcrab (9)Posted:08:01:13 (09.05.07)
He's claiming that it was done in 1 hour of programming... I would like he could spend 1 more hour to finish it : No parameter can be changed by the user.. We don't know how many mine we've to discovered ( remaining mine) and it missing a second type of flag marker (Unknow : Question mark symbol ?) ... Otherwise I like the way he coded it , simple and clear, dispite the comments in French, making the code less sharable for the community.

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