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Reading comments for Color Triple YAHTZEE!

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Author:rdcPosted:10:21:28 (07.08.07)
This is a superb example of ASCII doing just a good a job as graphics. The interface is a model of excellent design and the game play is a breeze. If you know the game, you will not have any problems playing this game. Yahtzee was always a favorite party game of mine and CT Yahtzee carries on the grand tradition.

Author:E.K.Virtanen (13)Posted:09:38:49 (07.08.07)
Its nice to see more text/ASCII stuff popping out time to time. As Lachie told, TUI is awesome, one of the best i have seen what comes for its functionality. For yathzee lovers, this is must to try but i suffest everyone who likes to tease their brains time to time :)

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