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Author:QImRquOZfUtPosted:22:39:08 (09.19.12)
Such outstanding mremoies here. I loved the Amiga version, and consequently (although not quite as much) the Sega Genesis version. For newcomers, make sure you don't just skip the death screen. One of my favorite video game music pieces of all time hands down.Thanks for all the hard work on this iOS port. Fantastic stuff!

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:10:28:48 (07.08.07)
Scored 2091 points! rs_highscore.gif

He, he!

Done that while uploading Marvelous Twilight. I'm on a really slow connection.

Anyway, at one point the game got too frantic, with helicopters creating a wall to protect the incoming bombarders. I only survived for a while thanks to secondary weapon. Pretty much the end of playing that game for me. But it was a lot of fun.

Author:NishikiPosted:18:49:30 (07.06.07)
Game crashes at startup, no error messages, simply windows telling me that "Parachuters has caused an error in Parachuters.exe etc etc" 500Mhz AMD, 128MB RAM, S3 Virge graphics adapter, Sound Blaster Pro, running Windows ME.

Author:Pritchard (12)Posted:18:37:16 (07.02.07)
Very fun game for being so simple, but I warn, it takes about 5 minutes to start progressing at above "ugh hurry up!" spd. It really creates a nice environment here with it's sound and background. I wish the explosions from enemies could kill the bad guys. No special shot meter?

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