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Reading comments for Dark Spelunker

By the user's name in brackets is his rating of the game (if posted).

Author:KristopherWindsorPosted:18:26:52 (07.15.07)
Hi. Sorry if this game crashes; I'm not sure why, but you could try to compile it yourself. Maybe you are trying to run directly from the ZIP file, so the program can't find the data files. BTW, your score is the level. Time is only for reference.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:20:18:30 (07.06.07)
You should contact the developer regarding this, although your PC is not up to date. I don't know. Maybe instead of emailing the developer, posting in the forum would be good too.

Author:NishikiPosted:19:09:29 (07.06.07)
Game crashes at startup, no error messages, simply windows telling me that "DarkSpelunker has caused an error in DarkSpelunker.exe etc etc" 500Mhz AMD, 128MB RAM, S3 Virge graphics adapter, Sound Blaster Pro, running Windows ME.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:16:16:00 (07.03.07)
And, you should check UrthWurm to understand better where my critics are coming from. http://www.the- I should really increase the comment num. of characters limit.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:16:04:40 (07.03.07)
For what is worth, I scored the game with 8. Did you mean level with 73? Because if you check the screenshot you’ll realize I reached level 21 with the score of 653. At least that. The score in that round was lost for some reason.

Author:Pritchard (10)Posted:18:42:33 (07.02.07)
Although pretty looking, the controls are weak, gravity too strong, and the texturing is too ambiguous to the background to tell what to do. However, the game's a great example of an alternative "hi-jump"-type game.

Author:KristopherWindsorPosted:18:30:54 (07.02.07)
The game play is well tested, smooth, and playable. Can you beat a score of 73?

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