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Reading comments for Simple Shooter FB

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Author:MS-DOS (20)Posted:22:17:39 (11.22.08)
the game is great ,but I can not edit and compil the source file of the game "simpleFB.bas" with FreeBasic :( !!! it give mi many Errors!

Author:Nishiki (5)Posted:19:02:34 (07.06.07)
This game taught me a lot about programing a game in FB :D The gameplay is simple, just fly and shoot, and try to beat the high score... or see if you can survive for more than five minutes. No sound, graphics are nice and cartoony, though animation is nil. Overall, a nice game to learn from, or to play if your looking for a few minutes of simple shooting fun.

Author:Pritchard (7)Posted:18:23:44 (07.02.07)
This game is indeed what it says. It's simple. I can say the background for the shooter could have been a lot better, though... Anyways, even though I feel a 27kb source file's way too high for a game this simple, it's well commented. Might be a good place to look if you're making a shooter.

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