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Author:JSN (11)Posted:08:09:21 (11.05.17)

Author:LMiOZZpPCMBnkUrMyfPosted:18:24:14 (04.04.12)
just wanting to get ettrasd on WordPress with my own blog and not knowing anthing much about it except that my brother rote on about his world cruise on the Queen Victoria which kept us all up to date on his voyage. I;d like to do that with my future trips .I really haven't much of a clue about what this is about but looks helpful!!

Author:Nishiki (12)Posted:19:41:23 (07.06.07)
Very nice, retro style game. Simple but challenging gameplay with good sounds, catchy music and nice graphics, powerups and a weapon select. One major problem: The game sometimes crashes while using the 'rocket' weapon. No error messages are displayed. Rating accounts for the random crashing... if this were fixed, it would easily score higher.

Author:Pritchard (14)Posted:18:18:15 (07.02.07)
I felt this game was excellent. Problems I encountered were that it was too easy. Very easy to win, although not so easy to get "perfect" on. I recommend this if you're in the mood for inspiration. It's polished very well and at it's core, really isn't that complex! ^.^;;

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