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Author:RQYMwgBfeGDGG (11)Posted:07:14:53 (04.04.12)
awesome game! never played the amiga vesrion but after the glowing review on toucharcade, I figured this was a must buy and it is!however, I would say that the d-pad is singularly bad for touch devices. lack of tactile feedback makes it next to impossible. any chance of an analog stick like controller instead? the stick in death rally is close to perfect or as perfect as possible in a touch device. also, the tilt control doesn't translate well to this game because of the fixed rate of movement. there seems to be a disconnect between intent and effect. the touch control is great and is TRULY GENIUS in the way it's implemented so that you can change the offset between finger and ship. alas, I keep blocking my iPhone view.anyway, great game. rock on. jin

Author:adZOApjZrBaCZHichPosted:12:41:04 (04.03.12)
Hi Jin, Many thanks for your dcefbaek and great to hear that you enjoy Battle Squadron ONE so much You are probably one of the few newcomers , as most players have probably been from the Amiga time so extra nice to hear We would really to reach out to new players as well, so any ideas on how to do this would be most welcome. Also, thanks for you evaluation of the controls. Yes, touch is definitely the main mode of control (and we almost removed the two other). The D-pad is however useful for using fling . Your input in tilt may motivate us to improve this in a future upgrade Again, thanks for your input MartinP.S. We would truly appreciate if you would evaluate BS ONE on the App Store, if you did not already do so. Based on your input it seems even more important as a means to reach out

Author:XerolPosted:17:52:43 (05.13.09)
Sorry it doesn't live up to long-term expectations, but it was coded quickly for a competition. The music is indeed original, composed for the game by Overcoat:

Author:HexDude (7)Posted:14:31:30 (09.15.07)
Fun for one key, although I found that hammering it served me better than trying to use skill (this probably says more about my skills than the game itself)

Author:Pritchard (7)Posted:17:43:34 (07.03.07)
As soon as the game starts, turn off the music and dare tell me this is a good game. The shots are hard to see, the enemies are too small and fast for you to shoot, considering how slow the tank head moves. I apologize to the author, as the game might be really great if I stick around, but I just couldn't.

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