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Reading comments for HI-JUMP

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Author:HexDude (15)Posted:14:50:55 (09.15.07)
This is really good fun, at first I found it pretty challenging, and I thought this would be another game where I'd get tired of trying. But after a few tries, I began so get a feel for the game. This is the first game I've rated here which had me shouting at myself when I made a mistake, and really feeling good at getting to the next stage. This experience is rare for me and I really enjoyed it. I kept coming back for much longer than I expected to. The one thing I would ask for in this kind of game is more of a reward for jumping over the lines or getting to a new stage, even a simple sound, or colour change, would be great. This game managed to get one of the more game phobic people around excited, thanks, ChangeV :)

Author:Pritchard (11)Posted:17:34:59 (07.03.07)
Hi-Jump's a very fun game. The curve rate of difficulty, and maximum jump curve possible means that at the game's hardest level, you have to have a more and more precise curve as you go on. This game may be simple, but for what it did, it did it right. The code isn't so bad, either : P

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