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Author:James S. J. Durtka (16)Posted:17:41:29 (01.22.08)
This game is an extremely simple game, but very addicting. You click the "tubez" and they rotate, and each time a tube rotates such that it aligns with another tube, the other tube rotates. The best part is when you set off a chain reaction that keeps going for a long time. Although it's very addicting, the game is too simple to have much replay value - so it only gets 16/20.

Author:MystikShadowsPosted:12:32:40 (07.08.07)
I remember the post referred to by rdc here. I think it shows Dr_D's talent quite well especially for such a quicky.

Author:rdc (5)Posted:10:55:21 (07.08.07)
Since I know the background to this game, it is worth mentioning here. This was a quickie Dr_D knocked off after a forum message pointed to a similar flash game. It was never intended to be a full-fledged game, rather a little proof-of-concept demo. As such it fills the bill.

Author:Pritchard (7)Posted:16:13:45 (07.04.07)
This is a concept of feature. There's nothing else to this game than turning the tubes. No CPU, bad lighting mixed with a little flashiness of the tubes. Overall, not a very fun game. Your first large combo's fun, but after that, it's over.

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