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Author:TheSecond (15)Posted:14:08:39 (07.18.14)
FBChess runs well, plays a decent game, and though it's interface leaves much to be desired in the looks department, it is functional. honestly, what more do you need from a chess game?

Author:E.K.virtanen (10)Posted:07:46:34 (06.26.07)
This is pretty good game to play when there is nothing to do at work. I suggest peoples to try if chess is any kind of interest.

Author:SeanPosted:15:30:31 (06.25.07)
Apologies about my comments for the graphics being not resizable. I did a right click and it allowed me to zoom and rotate. Exactly what I wanted. I will increase my rating. Fantastic. Using the gnu chess ai was also the smartest move here to get the maximum enjoyment.

Author:SeanPosted:15:20:04 (06.25.07)
It run cohesively and plays a good game. Pity the graphics can't be made larger and have different viewing points. More of a training exercise for the author I think. I would have liked to have seen the author create his own AI though instead of using the GNU plugin.

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