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Reading comments for The Quest For Opa Opa! Chapter 1

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Author:MystikShadowsPosted:12:14:51 (07.08.07)
I agree with everything mentioned to this point. I say This game is recent proof that a good quest starts with a great story for one thing. And well the colorful language adds to the humor. Great work, I'm a fan.

Author:cha0s (13)Posted:11:44:24 (07.08.07)
I really liked the musical ambience and the colorful language. Some parts got boring, like building money up by killing stuff but I guess that's pretty normal.

Author:E.K.virtanenPosted:07:42:36 (06.26.07)
I agree with Pricthard. I played this a lots of when i still had windows but bad sound problems with linux makes this game crash when trying to use with wine. But definately must try for all windows users in my opinion.

Author:PritchardPosted:12:49:34 (06.24.07)
For a text adventure, the game was really good. Very interactive environments, too. ^.^;;

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