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Reading comments for Caddy Rampage

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Author:Pritchard (12)Posted:17:59:23 (07.03.07)
Fun game. A tad too basic, imo. While it is addicting to just run stuff over (Deleter did a VERY good job with adding a few fun factors), the caddy car itself never changes. The graphics are plain, there's a collision issue here and there where you fall in the water when you think you shouldn't. This game does a good job at what it did, but it didn't make you say, "WOW!," so I'm not going to run around recommending or prasing the game.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:08:52:11 (06.24.07)
I don't know. Better and more varied graphics, blood splattering effects, level-based gameplay, music, the X-factor. You name it. A lot of space for improvements in two ways, the one where you can keep the mini- game size, and the second related to expanding the game.

Author:DeleterPosted:23:39:19 (06.23.07)
Being the developer I'm obviously biased, but I'm curious where the extra 9 points could go, when you don't have any negatives comments in your review.

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