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Reading comments for Vector X 2006

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Author:MEnwBqMznLOzPosted:08:31:54 (07.05.12)
I would go to a custom place onnlie that is not one of the Big Names. Sometimes the biggies like Dell, Acer, and HP/Compaq have deals if you don't mind not customizing it.Try something like CyberPowerPC. They have cheap prices, and you can choose what you want on your laptop so you can get rid of any parts you don't need. They also include 1 year of free warranty, and lifetime phone support, so that's good. I wouldn't rely on the support though, but the prices are second to none.Other onnlie places to try that I hear are Alienware and NewEgg, you may want to check them out.You might also be able to find a deal at BestBuy or Walmart as well, depending on the time of year. Bottom line is, you're making a big investment, so shop around some. Remember they all use the same components mostly, so whoever is the cheapest, is probably the best.*IMPORTANT* My one MAJOR recommendation would be to avoid AMD processors. They are great in desktops, but in laptops they tend to overheat and cause problems. I learned this the hard way.Good luck!Was this answer helpful?

Author:E.K.Virtanen (10)Posted:16:14:11 (11.26.07)
I havent ever been friend of these games and this one, does not change my opinion. Looks pretty ok, but for the sounds i dont say anything (i tested no sounds version). Shooting did not work all the time, but other than that, it did run smoothly and nicely. For a peoples who likes these games, i recommend but others...well, 10/20 points.

Author:Pritchard (13)Posted:18:02:15 (07.03.07)
This game WAS fun. I finally got to playing and beating it. Issues arrived in that the game's visuals make it hard to tell what is what, and what isn't. Also, sad to say, but this game could have been built with extra weapons, sounds, features, and filled polygons. For a port of the original, it pleases. I *should* probably judge basing in the original and QBasic, but I won't :P

Author:Zamaster (14)Posted:16:19:15 (06.26.07)
The graphics are perfect for their use and the game plays very nicely. Its rather addicting to be able to zoom around a 3D canyon and nail enemy objects. However, the lack of visual freedom is a major detractor and the poor sound FX and lack of decent AI lower the value of this game.

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