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Reading comments for Star Cage

By the user's name in brackets is his rating of the game (if posted).

Author:Dr_D (12)Posted:20:25:29 (10.27.08)
Well, The staff rating for this game is way too high, in my opinion. This is more like it. ;)

Author:Wolter (17)Posted:16:28:25 (08.14.07)
The concept of infinity is excellently expressed. Is very fun and cool that the maps are so vast. The implementation of 2 players makes it excellent

Author:cha0sPosted:11:49:09 (07.08.07)
I liked it although I tended to really get my arse kicked. Maybe I just sucked.

Author:Ryan (16)Posted:23:33:25 (06.27.07)
Definitely a winner, and in my opinion a very under-appreciated game. Lachie is brilliant in this, with all the usual polish he adds to graphics and effects. I found it quite challenging... very hard actually. But my brother and I had a lot of fun playing two player!

Author:ZamasterPosted:18:44:23 (06.24.07)
Great game idea. Well coded but the graphical style was fairly faded and uninteresting. Good sounds and good game play.

Author:PritchardPosted:18:05:58 (06.23.07)
What is a polished game, I felt lacked a large "fun" feel to it. I don't believe I ever played enough to finish the game.

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