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Author:cha0sPosted:11:45:20 (07.08.07)
I liked this game. The music is good and the gameplay is O.K.

Author:redcrab (15)Posted:12:45:50 (07.06.07)
Waooh ! I love it Gfx, Sfx, Music all is perfect. But It really difficult and too speedy for me. And I've some eratic move, Like if the game changing constatly it's time clock speed...

Author:KiZ (11)Posted:12:03:51 (06.29.07)
Thanks to the people who liked this game. I would like to point out that the timing routines were terrible, so for some people it would run great, and others it was a jerky mess. This was one of my only games that I ever made, I still had a lot to learn. Thanks! I rate it 11/20.

Author:Ryan (17)Posted:23:32:05 (06.27.07)
This is probably still my favorite FreeBASIC game. I found the gameplay to be fairly simple, the explosions cool, and the difficulty just right. I highly recommend the download!

Author:SeanPosted:04:01:28 (06.24.07)
A bit hard to control and the gameplay is frenetic. Music is interesting, but I did not hear and effects.

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