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Author:James S. J. Durtka (17)Posted:17:32:44 (01.22.08)
Quite a nice little game, the music is a bit annoying but the graphics is decent and the gameplay is quite addictive.

Author:Wolter (8)Posted:16:31:29 (08.14.07)
Its a nice game. What i dislike is that the dude can't stay without moving (I understand that is one of its similarities to packman) Also I would like it better if Poxie could jump by himself, just to reach separate platforms in the same level.

Author:PritchardPosted:00:29:44 (06.24.07)
Probably one of the most fun FB games I've played. Now, while it's music, graphics, and even gameplay were simple, they were implemented perfectly. For gameplay, this game got 8/10 with me. Some people might say it's "lack of" was a bad thing, but any more would ruin the recipe, ya know?

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