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Reading comments for Dark Ages FreeBASIC

By the user's name in brackets is his rating of the game (if posted).

Author:Lobo85 (6)Posted:01:43:26 (02.28.11)
Hey, i have taken the liberty to completely go through the FBIde file and correct all of the text mistakes that accured with any word containing "str" in them. If you gave me your e-mail address i could send the updated file to you. *note that now the text may not be aligned very well for the in game text boxes anymore. but if i get bored i may address that issue as well.

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:11:05:01 (07.08.07)
I'm must admit, I didn't notice this too. The game seemed to be functioning, beside the poor keyboard handler. Anyway, I'll take note of this and revise the game for the next update.

Author:Pritchard (8)Posted:16:39:15 (07.04.07)
I get this strange feeling no one who voted on this game ever even played the FreeBASIC port, which I don't think should have been released. You see, if you try fooling around with the game a bit and actually look at your stats, you (I) may notice that upon updating they are buggy and wrong. This game was a great game of it's time, but this port was pretty buggy...

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