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Author:PPtGKXhFVqydvtPQJ (11)Posted:15:48:25 (07.06.12)
Too easy to hack. And it is not true, that it depends on user inatoectirn, since it depends only on the presence of an empty input field. The javascript and the random password are only a potemkin village in front of this input field, since they are not needed at all.The design shows, that there is a total misunderstanding about passwords and captchas.Thomas

Author:Garvan (16)Posted:02:07:25 (02.02.08)
I know this game as Kings Corner, it is one of the better written FB games I have studied. A game like this has no need for sound. The graphics are nice, but not spectacular, and its a pity it was done in windows when it could have easily been made cross platform.

Author:ZamasterPosted:18:45:39 (06.24.07)
Its as complicated as it needs to be! Fun and difficult. Good AI too.

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