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Reading comments for Deep Deadly Dungeons

By the user's name in brackets is his rating of the game (if posted).

Author:TheSecond (12)Posted:15:07:50 (07.18.14)
Not a bad Roguelike, but it does have it's problems - thirty year old borrowed sound assets, not so great back ground music, and tiny graphics really hurt the game. Also, while Deep and Deadly Dungeons is technically brilliant, it lacks any real soul.

Author:JockeTheBeast (19)Posted:12:54:36 (09.01.07)
Best qb/fb roguelike made! All respect to rdc for amking this amazing roguelike that can well compared to other roguelikes avaible. Great work!

Author:Dr_D (14)Posted:04:01:38 (08.17.07)
I really do like this game. I'm pretty sure this is my favorite program by rdc.

Author:PritchardPosted:12:54:41 (06.24.07)
It really was pretty cool O.o;; Absolutely massive dungeons, quite a variety of enemies. What really got this game down was the music and art. Not so good :-( I consider art and good music a feature, so I can't argue that the complex interface and stat system should keep it's score highest. ^.^;;

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