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Reading comments for Antiman

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Author:Giorgos (18)Posted:22:23:07 (10.02.17)
Excellent space moving-collecting game!!!

Author:ryan (5)Posted:19:53:29 (07.10.15)

Author:cha0s (12)Posted:11:46:56 (07.08.07)
This game was pretty good. I liked racing the clock, however there were some spots where the physics were too flawed, and ruined my game... :(

Author:redcrab (15)Posted:17:54:13 (07.03.07)
Could become a real classic of this kind of game. Really like the gfx fx ... pradoxaly, I prefer the gfx fx than the gfx design by itself

Author:BadMrBox (14)Posted:10:35:05 (06.26.07)
I found this game very addictive and the graphic effect's are really great and interesting. The music are also great. It's definitly worth a download.

Author:ZamasterPosted:18:43:12 (06.24.07)
Overall, this game was pretty good. I personally didn't find it very addicting but the concept was good and it was very well polished. The audio was great...

Author:PritchardPosted:12:50:52 (06.24.07)
Antiman was a very good game. It was fun to play. It also had an editor available. What I think it lacked, was integration between it's editor and the game itself, what things like Jetpack did very well.

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