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Reading comments for TIC-TAC-TOE

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Author:Destructosoft (5)Posted:21:54:35 (11.10.11)
Terrible implementation. It is very easy to make the AI unbeatable, but with this version I won 6-0. Maybe that's nice for those who want to have a fighting chance against the computer, but it really just smacks of low skill level. Graphics were nice, but I'm surprised there's no drawn line through the three in a row, just "Player 1" draw stringed in the middle of the board.

Author:cha0s (10)Posted:11:41:06 (07.08.07)
I thought the graphics were nice. After all it is just Tic-Tac-Toe but hey.. ^^

Author:redcrab (13)Posted:06:30:09 (07.04.07)
Very nice version ! It succeed to win, It is challenging version ( at least for me) Nice version

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