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Author:nkk (10)Posted:23:28:54 (02.26.09)
The game implementation is solid but there are some glitches here and there.. otherwise it's great to play

Author:BeBeLiOuSPosted:02:18:02 (02.25.09)
Mahjong V1.1 is available. -English and french language. -fixed bug (temple tiles layering). -left button to unselect.

Author:BeBeLiOuSPosted:03:04:20 (02.23.09)
For restart game : F12 for clear and Fxx for choose layouts

Author:rdcPosted:17:20:01 (02.21.09)
Very nice implementation on this classic. The graphics are quite good and I haven't seen most of the layouts. All in all an excellent Mahjong game.

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