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Reading comments for Galactic Empire

By the user's name in brackets is his rating of the game (if posted).

Author:Станислав (20)Posted:09:52:06 (05.01.12)
Классная игра!

Author:PaulPosted:03:07:57 (04.21.09)
couldn't get the game exe to run past the main skirmish menu

Author:AlZe (18)Posted:02:21:18 (04.19.09)
Hi! A newer version of the game can be found in the SFML forums. The game is developed in C++ now and not fitting into FBGD anymore. See

Author:AgamemnusPosted:14:24:56 (02.23.09)
Worse than the demo. :( I don't remember how to have units constantly be sent to a planet and it's not mentioned in the readme. Scrolling sideways is too slow. Scrolling sideways doesn't change by zoom level. Zoom level scrolling levels are too granularized and I can't get the zoom I want -- it just zooms me in too much. Not easily playable due to GUI issues at this moment.

Author:AlZe (16)Posted:02:37:43 (02.23.09)
Well I rate this version of the game a 16. I've started workign on a solid content and gameplay update and there will be a campaign sometime so it will only get better :)

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