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Reading comments for Whack a mole!

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Author:TbbWPosted:18:05:49 (07.04.07)
the sound effects whas not ment to be "pleasing", they where ment to be distracting and anoying to prevent the player from preforming well.

Author:redcrabPosted:17:25:47 (07.04.07)
I thing the staff rating is really hard ! I really like this game. Classic game with good gfx and well designed. unstressfull ... usefull to avoid to kill my boss :D

Author:Lachie DazdarianPosted:16:13:50 (07.01.07)
attacke, having in mind the game and your comments, don't you think you went overboard with the score (16/20 is 80 %)? I mean, I can't stop you voting how ever you want, but this kind of excitement puzzles me. I would get 13/20. Even 14/20. But this. Really. Oh, well.

Author:attacke (16)Posted:13:08:38 (07.01.07)
haha, i like the sounds... it makes lategaming fun :D the only thing that i would change are the grafics... but its pretty good anyway!

Author:Sean (5)Posted:15:05:14 (06.25.07)
I played this for 10 seconds before I got bored. No that this kind of game could'nt be fun mind you, thats why I tried it, but its just dull the way it is

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