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Reading comments for Barren

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Author:jojo (20)Posted:05:49:47 (04.30.18)
still amazing after 10 years since i first played it

Author:dabooda (18)Posted:03:37:16 (06.17.08)
This is a truly incredible work of game programming. The best aspect is simply the atmosphere, which is enhanced by very good yet somber graphics and the music is simply hypnotizing. The puzzles are difficult but not to difficult where you give up frustrated. A very well done game..and gets an 18 from me. The only issue I had is it's a bit short.

Author:nkk (16)Posted:19:04:05 (06.14.08)
The game's atmosphere is really cool. The Music, the alpha blended scenes, the main menu was excellent. Excellent amout of red herrings. The story was nicely done too. It may seem fast but you can watch it again. so no trouble there. Well, I've got only one gripe against this cool game. Short Story. As it is a story based game, it's replay value is low but that's just due to short story in my opinion.

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