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Title:The Griffon LegendGenre:RPG
Version:Not SpecifiedSource:Yes
Description:In this excellent Zelda-style action RPG, featuring excellent graphics and gameplay, you play the role of a griffon knight with a mission to destroy the dragon scourge.

The very gameplay features constant close combat battles, bosses, spells, various items to find and use, exploration and secrets. The movement in the game is screen by screen (no scrolling). Something to take notice of is the music, which is simply brilliant.

The game provides around 2 hours of play time.
Download Local:Available (9329 KB) [2755]Website:Available
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Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 Staff Rating:16 / 20
User rating:16.09 / 20 Votes [11] Comment and rate
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Reviews (2)

Author:Josiah TobinScore:7/10Date:July, 2005
Read Local:AvailableRead offsite:Available

Author:Lachie DazdarianScore:27/35Date:October, 2005
Read Local:AvailableRead offsite:Available